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Cedar Spa Gazebos

Beautiful and long lasting

Our exquisite range of cedar hot tubs enclosures provide an excellent way to create a secluded area in your garden for relaxing soaks and romantic evenings. Decorate with lights and hanging baskets to create an oasis. The spa gazebos can be utilized for a variety of options from hot tub surround, to an exercise pool room, a family room, or pool side changing room. We have a range of accessories to compliment the enclosures, giving a simultaneously decadent and cosy feel to your hot tub. This can create a great focal point in your garden and can add value to your property. A great return on your investment that will last for years.

Our Spa Enclosures

You will find that on a like for like basis, this range of wooden spa gazebo products are excellently positioned in the market. The price will include vat and installation – although we can offer supply only its best to get our professional team to install it for you. It could not be simpler, it could not be more advantageous to you, the buyer.

Quarter Spa Gazebo Octagonal Spa Gazebo
Corner Gazebo Octagonal Gazebo
Square Spa Gazebo Rectangular Spa Gazebo
Square Gazebo Rectangular Gazebo

Western Red Cedar

Cedar is one of the longest lasting natural woods and the most durable. This makes it the best material for outdoor buildings. This is why our range is manufactured from Western Cedar wood.

Its durability comes from its unique composition. Its wood is conditioned to be incredibly strong and to hold up in all weather conditions. The natural aromatic oil in cedar makes it an excellent repellent to insects and protects it from fungi and other bacteria. The fragrant oil also protects the wood enabling it to resist rot. These points make it ideal for a hot tub gazebo.

The wood stays cool throughout the summer and, if coated with a quality transparent stain, will retain its warm amber colour for year to come. If left to age naturally, the cedar will become a beautiful silver grey colour.