Commercial Pool Enclosures

In recent years, commercial pool enclosures have become an essential compliment to the swimming pool.  Either fixed or telescopic pool enclosures are requested to cover the commercial pool over hotels, caravan parks, schools and quickly turn their outdoor pool indoors. With the unpredictable weather in the UK, this is becoming an essential investment for lots of schools and hotels wishing to extend their use. Once installed the realisation of its value is appreciated.
In the past, holidaymakers would book a campsite requesting a pool for entertaining the children. Today they want to know if the pool is covered so that it can be guaranteed use no matter what the weather…   Schools, too, are not far behind. They seek ways and means to re-coup their running costs and look into ways and means of saving money. If the pool can cost less to run and be used longer it has to be a good investment. Once covered, the option to hire out the facilities they have gained is also a big attraction.   The commercial pool enclosure is therefore now a wise investment.
The enclosure is the ultimate pool necessity, to extend the use and reduce the exorbitant cost of maintenance are too often the main concerns with large swimming pools owners.

Our experience and expertise allow us to design the ideal enclosure for larger pools. All enclosures are manufactured to order. This enables us to create the perfect cover over some of the most complex shaped pools and their surrounds.   From high profile sections, specially designed for the structure of large swimming pools we can achieve spans of up to 25m wide.

The use of toughened safety glass is an added advantage.  Particularly with commercial pools, the safety glass meets the regulations for swimming pools that are open to the public and especially for the requirements of fire resistance.

We chose to work with safety glass which has been the big asset since it conforms to the current rules regarding commercial installation. As well as being the safest means of glazing is also looks more attractive!  If clear glazing is not required we can install patterned or frost for additional privacy which is sometimes been required on campsites and schools.

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