Pool Safety Covers
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Manual Pool Safety Covers

With our manual safety pool covers you can cover your pool making it childproof in just a few minutes. The Bieri Rollschutz Cover is the first roll-up protection system requiring no side tensioning and lengthwise they attach to sunken pins in the pool's surround. These safety covers have the following benefits:

  • Rolled out in a flash & secured with a single action
  • 100% safe with children & pets around
  • Protects water from falling debris such as leaves
  • Helps to retain heat and therefore saves energy
  • Fits any size pool, domestic or commercial
  • Available in 4 colour options

This manual safety cover is made from a polyester fabric, coated on both sides with PVC and stabilised by aluminium cross tubes. UV resistant, easy to care for and clean.

It's extremely high load bearing capabilities makes it ideal for pools in the home where children or animals may wonder onto the pool without thinking. A Bieri manual safety pool cover will give you peace of mind that accidents shouldn't happen while the pool in unattanded.

You'll have a sound investment in every sense!

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