Pool Safety Covers
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Manual Pool Safety Covers

The Bieri manual safety cover is made from a very strong Polyester fibre fabric. Both sides of the cover are PVC coated, UV resistant, treated against fungicide and resistant to microbiological attack. There are five colours to choose from, blue, green, grey, beige and transparent [the transparent cover is the most expensive due to its heat retaining properties].

If the most important for you about your pool cover is the safety of your children, then a Bieri cover is the best for you. A complete edge support guarantees the highest degree of security and reliably preventing contamination from the water and also providing considerable energy savings.

The second picture above shows a cover for a pool with a roman end - the end bar is telescopic so that it slides out of the way when the cover is closed. Click to enlarge images

When cleaning the Bieri Alpha cover due to its smooth surface that is extremely easy. The cover can be cleaned without using any soap based products. No need for high pressure cleaners, a gentle wash over with a garden hose pipe is sufficient. Aluminium poles run the width of the pool giving total peace of mind when children are playing in the garden.

Ladders and skimmer steps are also no problem with this Bieri cover. We can manufacture a cover to suit any shape of pool up to 6.5m x 12.5m. To remove the cover is quick and easy by using the easy wind mechanism by simply walking whilst turning the handle - rolling up the cover as you go. We even offer a motorised handle to give you an even quicker removal time.

You'll have a sound investment in every sense!

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