6 Things You Need to Know Before You invest in a...
Swim Spa

Thinking of investing in a swim spa, but not sure what's involved?

If so, you're not alone! Many British consumers are drawn to the many possibilities and benefits that swim spa ownership brings, but cautious about the thought of spending what represents a significant sum of money.

The good news is that we've drawn up our invaluable guide to the 6 things you need to know before investing in a swim spa, to arm you with the information you need beforehand to make you an informed buyer.

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Mr T. Douch Staffordshire

We were looking for something that provided a really effective swim current for swimming against on a regular basis, and that we could easily adjust for different current strengths, and the Pacific 60 Elite ticked those boxes perfectly. The Sport Pack exercise equipment is a very useful addition too, as we can perform lots of other resistance exercises in addition to swimming against the current.