Automatic Telescopic Enclosure

The option of solar-powered motors makes life that little bit easier

If you’ve looked at examples of the various styles of telescopic swimming pool enclosures that we have on our website, you’ll know by now that what they all have in common is the ease with which they can be quickly retracted on and off the pool manually, even by one person, when you want to open or close your building.   If however, you are looking for the ultimate luxury, you can choose the enclosure to be totally automatic.  Due to the very high-quality materials and components we use, coupled with incredibly exacting design to the finest of tolerances and the most technologically advanced manufacturing and fabrication processes you have can choose either option – manual or automatic opening.

Click on the above video which shows the ease with which one of our motorised high-profile automatic telescopic swimming pool enclosures is opened and closed at the touch of a button via wireless remote control.

Many of our clients choose to opt for the ultimate in luxury and labor-saving operation and have their enclosure motorised to make an automatic telescopic swimming pool enclosure! Any of our telescopic enclosure models can be motorised in this way – whether low, medium or full height.  We have different sized motors and can use multiples of them so that we can cater for any size and type of building. Click on the videos on the right to see examples of our motorised high-profile and low-profile automatic telescopic swimming pool enclosures in action.

Our motors are battery powered and, better yet, the batteries are recharged by integral solar panels, so they cost you zero to run and operate, add nothing to your carbon footprint, and do not require the running of power supply cables from your home consumer unit or pool plant room!

The enclosure is opened and closed by way of a wireless remote control, and retracts on or off the pool automatically and effortlessly in a couple of minutes on average at the press of a button, as you’ll see in the videos on the right.

To learn more, click to download our vital FREE guide to the 6 things you need to consider before buying a telescopic swimming pool enclosure. To book a free, no-obligation site visit, to make an appointment to see the enclosures at our show-site in Collingbourne Ducis in Wiltshire, or to arrange to see an enclosure at a customer’s house local to you, call 01264 850001

Click on the above video to watch one of our motorised low-profile automatic telescopic swimming pool enclosures in action.