Bespoke Telescopic Pool Enclosures

All our enclosures are in a way bespoke, in that each one is made to order to a client’s exact needs and specifications.  However, what we mean by ‘bespoke’ in this context is a building that we consider from a manufacturing point of view to be non-standard.

A standard enclosure – i.e. a stand-alone type with enclosed ends – is not always possible. For example, you may want the first section to be attached directly to the house, and the house itself may present an oddly shaped profile. Or you may desire an enclosed walkway leading from the house to the pool room so you don’t have to go outside to access it. Or you may like an attached area with frosted glass to use as a changing area or pool plant-room?

This is not a problem for us. All of this and more is possible with our exclusive design service that will overcome the most difficult of layouts. Attaching to a wall, running along a wall or sitting on top of a wall can all be dealt with and accommodated in many innovative ways, as can a whole host of different roof shapes.  We can create a bespoke pool house to suit your specific requirements.

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