Block And Liner Pool Kits

D.I.Y block and liner swimming Pools offer a great solution to building your own luxury swimming pool at a fraction of the cost of conventional builds.

Many people in the UK aspire to own their own swimming pool. However, with prices typically starting from £35,000 and heading rapidly north of this for a pool installed by a recognised swimming pool contractor, for too many that aspiration is simply unattainable. Our range of Summit Swim Spas has proven to be a highly effective and affordable alternative to a swimming pool for growing numbers of British consumers. If the garden is small this is the ideal solution.  But a swim spa does not fit the bill for those who seek a ‘proper’ traditional full-size in-ground swimming pool. If that’s you, then your solution is one of our Summit Leisure D.I.Y Swimming Pool Packages.

Our D.I.Y Swimming Pool Kits include a comprehensive range of quality, specialist pool components which will allow you to build your own traditional in-ground swimming pool using tried and tested construction materials and methods, but at a fraction of the cost of getting in a pool contractor to build a pool for you.

All the general non-specialist building materials will not be included in the D.I.Y Swimming Pool Kit required for the project as these can be obtained easily from any local builder’s merchant. At the core of the build are 100mm solid concrete blocks laid flat, so you will either need to be a competent bricklayer yourself or have access to one. You then act as your own project manager.

Summit’s D.I.Y swimming pool kits can be adapted to suit a client’s individual needs if something other than a standard size is sought; and kits are available in concrete or liner formats, though we would strongly recommend a liner kit to those looking for a true D.I.Y option as this is an easier and more cost-effective route.

All kits are supplied with comprehensive and detailed instruction manuals and a list of materials to enable you to cost out and order general building materials from your local builder’s merchant, as well as a starter pack of water treatment chemicals and maintenance equipment.

At Summit Leisure, we’re different from other suppliers of pool kits. We’re not box-shifters who take your money then leave you to it. With over 40 years experience in the pool business, we’re on the end of the phone to hold your hand with expert advice and support on any part of the project you require it, and to ensure that your pool project is a happy, rewarding, and stress-free experience. We can even quote you to come along and carry out any part of the project that you’re not happy about doing yourself.

If you like the sound of this and you feel the D.I.Y option may be right for you, no doubt you’ll have many other questions. For example, will you need planning permission or not? What are the differences between a liner and a concrete pool? What maintenance is required after the pool is built? What else is involved if you want to build an indoor pool?… and many others besides.

So please call our office on 01264 850001 and arrange a FREE consultation with one of our D.I.Y swimming pool kit experts or fill in the contact form at the bottom of this page and we will get in touch with you.  If you want to come along to us and discuss your project please call beforehand to make sure that someone is on hand to talk you through the process and advise the best possible pool for you, your home and garden!

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