This attractive high-profile 5-angle bespoke swimming pool enclosure was delivered on Thursday last week and completed in record time on Friday.  This was a relatively swift installation because we had great access onto the site where the building was to be erected. This enabled us to pre-assemble large modular sections of the enclosure at the factory before being loaded on to the lorry for its journey to Cambridge.

Mr & Mrs Y, Cambridge, pool before installation of telescopic pool enclosure

Mr & Mrs Y, Cambridge. View of pool before installation of their Summit Leisure telescopic pool enclosure

The building is attached to an existing brick and render summerhouse which is at the end of the existing patio at the shallow end of the pool. Our technicians needed to install a receiving channel against the summerhouse to neatly seat and attach the enclosure against. The unglazed modular sections were then fitted sequentially starting at the end attached to the summer house, before the toughened safety glazing was finally added. The first, tallest, section of the enclosure features an angled side access door, and the sixth, end section features full-width bi-fold doors across the end.

Our customers, Mr & Mrs Y From Cambridge, chose an anthracite grey powder coat colour in the popular 5-angle roof shape.  When opened, the first section stays attached to the summerhouse and the other sections retract back away from it, stacking together neatly inside each other at the opposite end of their attractive pool.

Yeoman pool after installation of telescopic pool enclosure 2

Mr & Mrs Y, Cambridge. View of pool after installation of Summit Leisure telescopic pool enclosure.

Mr & Mrs Y initially came to visit us at our Wiltshire showroom while they were having their pool built last year, as they were keen to learn how much it would cost to cover it.  When their pool was built they decided to live with it being fully outdoors for a season while they saved for an enclosure for the following year. We made contact with them again earlier this year and they went on to order this attractive structure to cover their new outdoor pool and maximise the use they get out of it, regardless of the weather or season.

Within just a couple of days of leaving the site, we were delighted to receive this email at the office from Mr Y…

Morning Mandy,

Grey and drizzle here – who cares – we are in our pool feeling very, very happy with our choice.  It is a super building – quietly contemporary and smart. Your installation team were perfect house guests. I work with all sorts of skilled workmen in my line of work, and your guys do not grow on trees.  I am sure you and Graham know that. They are ‘keepers’.

Yeoman pool after installation of telescopic pool enclosure 3

Mr & Mrs Y, Cambridge. View of pool after the installation of their Summit Leisure telescopic pool enclosure.

This communication was particularly pleasing to get as it gives worthy recognition to our construction teams who we invest in heavily in terms of both technical and customer service training, to ensure our customers are nothing less than delighted and installations go as smoothly as possible, even if they encounter any hitches. Secondly, it highlights the biggest reason for installing a Summit Leisure Algarve enclosure – that it enables you to retain the benefits of owning an outdoor pool, while allowing you to get the maximum use and value from it regardless of whatever the weather or seasons throw at you.

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