It’s always great when we get letters from our customers thanking us for the work we’ve done for them, and this week we were delighted to hear from Chris and Anne Dunn, who live near Stafford.

Mr and Mrs Dunn first approached us in October 2014 when they were researching ways in which they could get more use from their swimming pool and maximise their investment in it. Like many pool owners, they loved using their pool, but were frustrated at not being able to use it when the weather is poor, or during the colder months when it was out of action completely.

An enclosure was their choice of solution to these issues. After a number of initial consultations with us, and a visit to their home to inspect their pool and surrounding area, Chris and Anne opted to install one of our popular VISIO static enclosures as they felt the Summit Leisure product was far superior to others they’d looked at on the market. Key to awarding the project to Summit Leisure was our ability to manufacture a completely bespoke and complex building which incorporated retaining walls they had on two sides of the pool, in order to minimise the area of patio space that would be lost to the building’s structure. One of the retaining walls was a particular challenge as it stepped down in two places from its highest point.

Mr & Mrs Dunn, Staffordshire, before installation of Summit Leisure Visio static pool enclosure

Mr & Mrs Dunn, Staffordshire, before installation of Summit Leisure Visio static pool enclosure

Extremely precise measurements had to be taken prior to manufacture, and equally precise tolerances had to be worked to when the building was fabricated in our factory in order to ensure a totally sealed building over the Dunns’ lovely pool with roman end feature.

The above pictures show the pool before the arrival of our team on site. The VISIO static enclosure specified is coloured anthracite, as per Mr and Mrs Dunn’s wishes. In good weather, the roof slides open to provide 50% of the roof space for open air swimming.  As with all Summit Leisure’s enclosures this was a marine grade powder coated high quality aluminium frame, with toughened safety glass on all end and side walls.  The roof is in UV stabilised polycarbonate, inside and out.

Mr & Mrs Dunn, Staffordshire, Visio pool enclosure after installation

Mr & Mrs Dunn, Staffordshire, Visio pool enclosure after installation

When the constituent parts of the unit arrived on site for assembly and installation, it proved quite a challenge and some components needed to be finished on site to ensure a perfect fit and weather-tight seal, as is sometimes the case when incorporating a building into existing structures. The build was completed within 5 days from arrival on site. Afterwards, Mr Dunn kindly put pen to paper (or should that be finger to keyboard?) to pass on his thoughts on the finished product and the workmanship of our highly trained and skilled installation teams, writing…

“Just a short note to say that Anne and I are very pleased with our swimming pool enclosure and hopefully we will now get a lot more use out of our pool. It is an excellent design with the opening roof system and substantial construction. Designing the unit to fit on top of the wall makes it look very stylish. We would also like to say that Andy, Gareth, Thierry and their team have done an absolutely brilliant job of  building the unit on a sometimes challenging build.”

Mr & Mrs Dunn, Staffordshire, Visio pool enclosure after installation 2

Mr & Mrs Dunn, Staffordshire, Visio pool enclosure showing end wall detail.

Similarly, we’d equally like to thank Mr & Mrs Dunn for choosing a VISIO enclosure from Summit Leisure, for giving us such a challenging but interesting and rewarding project to work on, and the satisfaction of knowing they’ll be putting their pool to much more use than before which is, at the end of the day, the whole reason for having it.

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