Mr and Mrs Harwood have just celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary by treating themselves to their dream of installing their own in-ground swimming pool at their home near Andover in Hampshire, and completed the self-build swimming pool project just in time for their anniversary inaugural pool party!

The pool is a Summit Leisure DIY block & liner swimming pool kit, with a hopper profile for a deep end swimming area, and an internal step feature for easy access into the shallow end. It’s in one of the most popular sizes, 10m x 5m (approx 32′ x 16′), and features a highly attractive choice of fully patterned vinyl liner. Liner pools are one of the most popular forms of modern pool construction due to their more attractive capital cost compared with concrete tiled pools, and they particularly lend themselves well to DIY installation.

In the course of constructing the Harwood’s project, the services of a local builder were called upon to help with the construction of the pool walls and floor, whilst our own technicians were contracted in to carry out the installation of the pool plant room equipment and the fitting of the liner. Whilst every part of a self-build pool project can be carried out by a competent DIYer, we can and do offer a service to clients of quoting them for any specialist parts of the project they would prefer to have the peace of mind of us carrying out for them.

In the pictures below you can see the liner being fitted prior to filling with water, and a final picture of the finished pool. The pool also features an In-wall automatic safety cover which electrically covers the pool in a high-grade reinforced PVC membrane which keeps leaves and stray pets and children out, and prevents evaporation from the pool surface and so keeps heat in. An automatic robotic pool cleaner was also included in the package the Harwoods chose from Summit, in order to quickly and efficiently clean up any dirt and debris which finds its way into the water when the cover is off.

Mr Harwood, pool kit near Andover - liner being installed 1

Mr & Mrs Harwood, DIY pool kit near Andover – liner being installed.

Mr Harwood, pool kit near Andover - liner being installed 2

Mr & Mrs Harwood, self-build DIY pool kit near Andover – liner being installed.

The pool is lit up at night by multiple colour-change LED underwater lights for after-dark pool safety and that ultimate touch of luxury and opulence.

Mr Harwood, pool kit near Andover - finished pool filled

Mr & Mrs Harwood, self-build DIY pool kit near Andover – finished pool filled with water.

We asked Mr Harwood why he chose to go down the DIY route for his dream pool and he told us “We did receive some quotes from pool suppliers (full service) but felt that we could do the job cheaper and as effectively if we managed it ourselves. I’m comfortable managing trades and simply took on the role of project manager. I firmly believe we have a better pool because of that, extra budget was able to go into the nicer finishes such as coping stones, patio and changing rooms.”

With regards to choosing to partner with Summit Leisure for his needs, he went on to say, “I’d been recommended Summit so popped over and had a chat. Graham was excellent, took his time and talked me through the process and costings”.

It only leaves us to wish Mr & Mrs Harwood a very happy 10th wedding anniversary, to wish them many, many more anniversaries celebrating in and around their new swimming pool, and to thank them for letting Summit Leisure be a part of realising their dream of owning their own swimming pool at home.

If you’d like to learn more about our range of self-build DIY swimming pool kits and how you would benefit from installing your own pool, call us today on 01264 850001, or fill in our online contact form by clicking here.