D.I.Y Self-Build Pool Kits & Algarve Enclosure Packages

All our DIY self-build pool kits are also available as packages paired up with one of our exclusive Algarve Aqua telescopic buildings, giving our clients the best of both worlds in having an outdoor open-air swimming pool for when Britain’s weather is at its kindest, and having it completely enclosed when it’s not. As well as the benefits it affords the bathers, an Algarve Aqua telescopic building also helps reduce running costs by providing an additional insulating barrier against heat losses, and taking advantage of solar gain, for the same reason a conservatory feels warm on a cloudless winter’s day, even if there’s a hard frost.

All our buildings are manufactured on a bespoke basis to a clients’ exacting needs, so if, for example, you’d like a large enclosed patio area next to your swimming pool which can accommodate a suite of garden furniture or other accessories, this can easily be achieved. Our experienced designers work with you to deliver exactly what you desire. And when you order a DIY self-build pool kit and a building together as a package, you benefit from significant savings than if you bought the pool kit then had the building installed separately at a later date. Ask for a copy of our Algarve Aqua telescopic brochure for more details.

For further details on our DIY pool kit and enclosure packages, a quotation, or to request a free no obligation home visit, please call us today on 01264 850001 or send us your details by clicking here.

Is a DIY swimming pool build project for you? Do you like the idea of building your own swimming pool and the savings you will make, but not sure what’s involved? Click here to see our illustrated step-by-step story of the Roberts family’s self-build pool project at their Devon home.