Enclosure Opening And Door Options

Enclosure opening and door options

All of our telescopic swimming pool enclosures are designed to offer our customers the greatest flexibility of use and access by way of a number of standard and optional features, designed to suit your particular needs and desires.

Opening up the enclosure

Our patented guiding mechanism, unique to Summit Leisure buildings, allows the enclosure to be opened and used in a variety of options, all without the need for unsightly tracks or rails bolted to your pool surround. As well as easy manual opening, enclosures can also be motorised for automatic opening and closing.

The dimensions of our standard enclosures are such that each section or element fits inside the next, like a nest of tables.  This allows you to move all the elements in one direction and fit neatly inside the largest end section, to obtain a totally open-air pool, as shown in the picture on the left below. This is possible due to the tiltable end-face or concertina doors in the smallest element.

We have a patented anchoring system linking each of the elements or sections which allows our standard enclosures to be opened easily and without the use of tools. This makes it possible to detach two of the intermediate elements from each other and move some elements to one side, and some elements to the other. We call this ‘central opening’ and it allows you to expose a smaller area in the middle on days where you don’t wish to open the entire enclosure completely but does want a small area opened up and the benefit of the ventilation it affords, as illustrated in the picture on the right below.

Summit Leisure telescopic swimming pool enclosure - Fully retracted v centre opening

A Summit Leisure telescopic swimming pool enclosure is shown fully retracted on the left and opened in the centre on the right.

Key Locking Ground Anchors

When your enclosure is fully closed and covering the pool one of these are installed at each end.  This prevents anyone from opening up the structure without this key!  This is now standard on all telescopic enclosures.

Enclosure Doors

All standard telescopic enclosures have either one small sliding door in the small end façade, or one large double sliding door in the large end façade.  You can choose extra doors on the side at an additional cost, or in place of an end door at a small additional cost.  We also offer small sliding doors, 2m wide doors, and bi-fold doors.  We can even provide a door with no threshold if you need a wheelchair or buggy access. Here are some examples of optional door features available on our telescopic swimming pool enclosures.

Special Door Safety Device

This special door device gives your pool room added ventilation without the need for leaving the doors fully open.  This ensures you to keep the pool safe and will keep larger pets and children out of the enclosure.  This feature is standard on all high profile pool enclosures.

Large 2m Wide End Sliding Door

This usefully wide door can be installed at either end of the enclosure.  This feature gives a wonderful wide entrance into the enclosure and is ideal for helping with ventilation when the weather is hot, but you’d still like to keep the pool covered. This feature is standard on all high profile pool enclosures with end doors.

Sliding Side Door

The sliding side doors open up part of the roof so give plenty of headroom into the pool enclosure, especially useful when fitted in medium profile enclosures.  This feature is standard on all high profile enclosures with side door.

Summit Leisure telescopic swimming pool enclosure - Side door shown on medium profile enclosure

A side door on medium profile enclosure

Bi-Fold/Concertina Door

This style of optional door can be installed at the end of the enclosure, allowing much greater ventilation or more room if you do lots of entertaining by the pool, without the need to retract the enclosure of the pool.

Summit Leisure telescopic swimming pool enclosure - concertina doors


Windows can be installed as an option in the ends of the enclosure for additional ventilation or if the enclosure is static.

Doors Without A Threshold

Summit Leisure telescopic swimming pool enclosure 2m sliding door without threshold

2m sliding door shown without threshold for easy access by wheelchair or baby buggy

For customers looking to access their enclosure by wheelchair, mobility scooter or with an infant pram or buggy, we offer doors without a threshold.  This optional unique feature, shown in the picture on the right, gives completely clear access into the enclosure with no ground impediment to any wheeled vehicle requiring entry. This feature is available on either end of the enclosure, but not on the sides

Fly Screen Doors

Fly screens are an option to one of our standard end doors.  This style of door is extremely well engineered and comes as a preassembled door. You can also use this door for added ventilation into the enclosure and with the door locked it can prevent entry but still give more cool air into the building.

To learn more, click to download our invaluable FREE guide to the 6 things you need to consider before buying a telescopic swimming pool enclosure. To book a free, no-obligation site visit, to make an appointment to see the enclosures at our show-site in Collingbourne Ducis in Wiltshire, or to arrange to see an enclosure at a customer’s house local to you, call 01264 850001