With the children heading back to school and university, and memories of the summer gradually receding, many find the only time they spend in their gardens as we start heading into Autumn is to rake up leaves, build bonfires, and do all the tidying up and putting away jobs ready for the winter. However, with a range of innovative products available to home owners these days, central to which are hot tubs, there’s no reason why you can’t continue to enjoy the great outdoors even as the nights draw in.

Hot tubs really come into their own in the Autumn and Winter months. In fact, our colleagues in Europe often find it a strange quirk of the British that our peak hot tub sales happen in the warmer months, whereas in mainland Europe, especially in the north and Scandinavia, the reverse is the case.

The water in a quality hot tub, like one of our exclusive AllSeas range, is typically maintained at or just above normal body temperature, i.e. 37ºC to 39ºC. When you immerse yourself up to your neck in water at this temperature, your outer body warms up to match your core body temperature, and you don’t feel the cold, irrespective of how chilly the weather is – even in severe sub-zero temperatures. This allows you to stay outside for long periods of time without feeling the slightest chill. This is why it’s really common to see hot tubs used in ski lodges in Alpine resorts.

Something else also happens when you’ve been in a hot tub for a few minutes and allowed your outer body temperature to heat up. Once this has happened, when it comes to eventually getting out of the spa, you have a couple of minutes to get out, wrap a towel or robe around yourself, get your things together and head indoors before you start to feel a chill. So when we hear people say things like “I don’t fancy the idea of getting out when it’s really cold”, in reality getting out is the easy part!

It also means that the feeling of being in a hot tub during rain, or even when it’s snowing, is actually a pleasant and quite exhilarating one. In fact, our customers tell us that about the only time of the year that being in an outdoor hot tub is not so nice is if the hot tub is an exposed position and the wind is blowing a gale. For consumers worried about that eventuality we have solutions to offer by pairing a hot tub up with one of our exclusive hot tub enclosures which give you the best of both worlds – an indoor installation when you want to feel protected from the elements, and an outdoor one for when conditions are kinder!

Summit Leisure - Family in hot tub

Family enjoying some quality time together in a Summit Leisure AllSeas hot tub

Complement your hot tub experience with other quality products which also lend themselves to Autumn and Winter alfresco use, such as.

  • Weatherproof outdoor furniture – latest designs feature weatherproof soft upholstery.
  • Barbecues – choose models with lids so that you can carry on grilling even if it rains.
  • Firepits and Chimineas – fueled with logs from a sustainable source give off warmth and a rosy glow.
  • Outdoor lighting – so that your outdoor space is still safe and usable even when the nights are drawing in.
  • Enclosures or wooden gazebos – to give you a roofed retreat when you need it without having to head back into the house.

So many home owners are now looking to extend the quality time they spend in their much-loved gardens that the Daily Mail recently published an article on just such a phenomenon. So, have a think about how you might maximise the value of your ‘room outdoors’ and spend more of the year enjoying it.

For more information on the health and well-being benefits of hot tub ownership, or to arrange a wet-test of one of our range of quality AllSeas hot tubs at our Wiltshire showroom, please call 01264 850001, or fill in our online contact form and leave your details, and we’ll get right back to you.