Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an enclosure cost?

The price depends on the size and specification.  The model; low, medium or high, against the wall or lean-to. The price varies but the quality will be the same whatever model you choose.

Do you install in my area?

We cover the whole of the UK and Islands.  We are the sole UK distributor for this particular range of enclosures. 

How long does it take from ordering to delivery?

This depends on orders already placed and being manufactured. Low season is in the region of 6 – 8 weeks and high season can be 10 or 14 weeks.

Why should I choose from Summit?

We believe that our enclosure is the best quality sold in the UK market. Each building is glazed with toughened safety glass, needs no ground rails and is its main frame is manufactured from marine grade powder coated aluminium.  Each building is independently calculated to withstand snow loadings and wind speeds far in excess of any weather conditions we would expect in the UK – another prime example as to why they are such good quality!

We are competitively priced within the UK – being sold directly to the end user. Using only our own factory trained full time engineers. 

Is the delivery date respected?

Every effort is made to meet delivery dates, but these are sometimes affected by unforeseen circumstances.

Is the price fixed until delivery?

Each quotation has a date to order within to hold it at that price.  Once the order is placed the price is guaranteed and nothing will change.  The price on the quote at the time of order will be the price you pay! 

Do I need Planning Permission?

Generally, not – it’s always best to call our office and we will run through any exceptions to the rule. However, permission would be required for any commercial use, or for a location in a sensitive area.

What sort of surround do I need?

A level paved area on a concrete base. Decking is also fine!  We use special fixings, depending on the surround you have.

Is there a better time for me to order an enclosure?

Its best to check with us prior to ordering.  We always give an expected delivery time once ordered by looking at production in the factory.  We can then predict a suitable time for delivery.

Are there standard dimensions?

No. Every enclosure is made to measure.  There are a few standard features but anything can be added or removed from the specification to create a bespoke building to suit your pool.

When can an enclosure be installed?

On a concrete base or an existing paved level surround.

What material is used to glaze the roof?

UV stabilised polycarbonate – on both sides. This treatment provides longevity, strength, no crazing or discolouring and of course protects the swimmer from the sun and is guaranteed for 10 years against discolouring!  We can also supply the enclosure with a glass roof.

What about after sales service?

It is very unusual indeed if any is needed. If something should happen we would return as soon as possible.

What type of glazing is used on the sides and ends?

4mm toughened safety glass to all end and side panels. Double glazed can be offered. Glass can be tinted, obscure or patterned for additional privacy.

Do I have to bolt my enclosure to the ground after every use?

It is recommended that the enclosure be bolted down for the winter months.  If you are away and the retracting elements are not being used regular then we would recommend they are fixed in case of very high winds.

How do I maintain the enclosure?

A pressure washer is not required.  All the surfaces and components are smooth so algae will not adhere to them easily.  The use of a hose pipe and soft brush is all that is required once or twice a year. How regular you clean the enclosure will however depend on its location.

Do I have to remove the snow from the roof?

No, unless the snow lays around, in which case it’s advisable to brush this off.  All enclosures however are calculated to withstand wind speeds and snow loadings far in excess of any we would normally expect to have in the UK.

How is the enclosure built?

Manually. Every enclosure needs 3 – 4 days of assembly on site.  It does however depend on the style and overall size of the building. All this work is done by our own skilled installation team who are employed full time by our company and have been trained by the factory who manufacture the buildings. 

Does the enclosure have any guttering?

This is not possible on a moving structure, as all the sections slide into one another. However, we do have a static Visio building which has an integrated guttering system built into the roof. It also has a sliding roof for added ventilation and for open air swimming.

What is the difference between an enclosure with or without a beam?

Beams are generally used as a central support on wide enclosures.  Due to the strength of the profiles on the enclosures we use we can span, depending on the design, up to around 23m with one single arch.

Can an enclosure be mounted against the house?

Yes, if the pool is adjacent to the house. We can build one side or one end against the house. A lean-to style or butting up against a building.

What is the seal between the sections?

EPDM rubber seals are installed between each element which allows the modules to move when opening and closing the building and gives added insulation.  All bottom and end facades have polypropylene brushes held in a stainless-steel profile. 

How does the enclosure operate?

Each section is mounted on wheels. No tracks or rails are required on our enclosures. This is due to their special patented guiding mechanism.  When an enclosure is open and off the pool it will provide you with a clear paved area.  This clear space will provide no trip hazard, nothing for dirt and debris to collect against and nothing to encumber the surround when you have large family gatherings.

Can leaves and insects gain entry inside an enclosure?

You will never completely keep out all insects or leaves etc. due to the nature of the enclosure. However, we do use different depth rubbers and brushes which will provide additional seals if the paving is slightly uneven.

Do I need a floating cover?

This will reduce the condensation almost totally. Using a good quality cover will also reduce the maintenance inside the enclosure and reduce your heating costs.  We recommend the use of a thermal heat retention blanket. For ease of use if purchasing a low level enclosure a cover is not required on the pool.

Do you make a site visit?

Yes we do.  Prior to a visit however, we like to give you the options available.  Provide a written quotation and if this looks of interest arrange to visit you and check out access to your pool. We can then check your pool surround and make sure that all measurements provided and used to prepare your quote are correct prior to manufacture.  We also prepare drawings and quotations for which we don’t charge. This service is free of charge and without obligation.

What colour can I have the enclosure?

All colours are possible from the RAL range of colours.  A special colour can also be arranged with a small supplement. Our standard range of colours are Dark Brown, Dark Green, Ivory, White and Anthracite Grey.

Can I slide all the sections one way and how long will it take?

With all the sections going one way it will be necessary to have a set of bi-fold or concertina doors installed on the end façade. This will enable you to push the sections clear of the pool and will leave an archway sitting at one end of the pool (like a nest of tables). It takes only a few minutes to slide all the sections into each other.

Can I open my enclosure every day?

Yes, day or night!

How many doors are there?

As standard, 1 sliding end door but by all means you can add as many as you like.  There are many options available i.e. size and style.  We offer small sliding end or side doors, 2m wide end doors and bi-fold/concertina doors.

Can I have a side door?

This is possible with all models.

Can the doors be locked?

Every door has a child safety catch. The doors also can be locked from the inside by a latch and keys on all doors to be locked from outside.

Can children slide the sections easily?

No. The enclosures are completely child and pet safe!

We live near a farm and have problems with flies?

We can supply fly screen doors.  Instead of the standard door we can supply a door with an integrated screen so you can ventilate the enclosure, still keeping the pool room child and pet safe by way of a fly heavy duty mesh to prevent anyone entering. Including flies…and other small flying insects. 

Will I be able to stand upright in my enclosure?

All our enclosures are built to order so we can guarantee whatever height you need can be manufactured.

What is the guarantee?

10year guarantee on the polycarbonate roof and aluminium frame. Each enclosure is calculated by an independent company to withstand snow loadings and wind speed far in excess of any weather conditions we would expect within the UK.

My automatic pool cleaner needs replacing should I purchase a new one?

A pool cleaner isn’t necessary when the enclosure is over your pool.  A manual set will suffice, due to the few times cleaning the pool will be required.

What is the temperature in the enclosure?

We all know how the temperatures in a conservatory or car will raise when exposed to sunlight. Even on a bright day, without sun, but with a breeze the air temperature will rise as will the water temperature.

Does having an enclosure affect the water temperature?

The heat loss will be dramatically reduced regardless of the outdoor temperature.  On very warm days the heat generated inside the enclosure will be transferred to the pool water.

Can I swim in the winter?

Yes, but you will need to heat the water.

Must the air be heated?

Not necessarily. The water will heat the air by radiation.  If you want to use the pool during the winter months and sit inside with your newspaper then we can quote for a warm air blower.  This can be used to warm the room prior to swimming. 

Is there condensation?

If the pool water temperature is higher than the air temperature there will be condensation. Providing some ventilation into the enclosure prior to a swim will help. Opening the door for a few minutes is enough!

Can I see an enclosure?

We have a showroom which you are welcome to come and visit.  Please call beforehand to make sure someone is here to show you the styles available and highlight all the differences between the models.  We do also have enclosures installed in different locations throughout the UK and visits can be arranged by appointment.

Will I have any regrets at having purchased an enclosure?

Yes – that you didn’t do it earlier!  We always compare it to a dishwasher…. We will happily wash our dishes, although it takes time and a mess… Once a dishwater has been installed we don’t know how we managed without one!  The enclosure will be the same!!


If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to call our office on 01264 850001 and we will be happy to answer these for you.