Commercial Swimming Pool Enclosures

Why Covering A Pool With An Enclosure Makes For Improved Business

There are now many hotels, holiday parks, holiday cottages, resorts and public buildings all needing to improve their facilities in order to set themselves apart from the competition and meet the requirements of an ever more demanding clientele. multiplication of services, diversification of supply, improvement of service quality and optimisation of customer experience are major challenges to overcome. when faced with such challenges, a commercial pool enclosure would appear to be essential for all those in the tourism sector.

Experience and know-how allow us to respond to large-scale projects. Campsites, hotels, communities, many institutions have already trusted us to cover pools up to 25m wide. The use of tempered safety glass is a major advantage since this material meets perfectly the regulations in force for public swimming pools as well as the regulations related to fire.


Reduce costs

A pool enclosure is one of the most cost-effective ways to cover a holiday resort pool. Installing an enclosure protects the pool from contamination. As a result, much less time and money are needed to clean the pool and filtering system. With an enclosure, the energy used to heat the water and aquatic area is significantly reduced. This is because the area and water are heated naturally.


Attract more guests

A pool enclosure doesn’t just open up the possibility for guests to swim for longer periods, regardless of the weather. It also extends the swimming season to include off-peak periods.

These are determining factors when potential guests are planning that much needed break, regardless of the season and the weather.An enclosure therefore helps generate more bookings throughout the year, not only by extending the swimming season but also by creating an area for leisure activities and services around the pool.

As a major distinguishing factor that sets a destination apart from the competition, installing a pool enclosure increases the occupancy rate immediately.


A superior quality of service

As an extra facility for guests, an enclosure significantly increases the time spent by holiday-makers on-site. It is perfect for all types of fun activities and sports (aquagym, aquabike, fitness, etc.).

The aquatic area to be covered can be used whatever the weather and can also be transformed into a space where families can relax, grab a drink or snack, etc.

A telescopic enclosure can quickly cover a pool should the weather take a turn for the worse.

It can also be fully retracted in warm and sunny conditions, allowing guests to enjoy an outdoor pool and activities. Therefore, you can guarantee your guests that everything will go ahead as planned.


More customer loyalty

A pool enclosure is the feature of excellence for your public pool. When closed, the enclosure can completely shut off access to the pool with its locking system and key lock doors. The extremely versatile telescopic enclosure can be opened or closed in just a few minutes, making it perfect for sudden weather changes.

The enclosure guarantees optimal use of a pool and aquatic area, providing shelter from the wind and warmer water that is always clean. This feature will improve your business’ image.

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