Inflatable Pool Air Domes

Manufactured from tough reinforced UV protected vinyl.  The air dome gives the pool owner use of their pool for longer.  Either extend the season or use all year around.

The height of the structure is generally half the width of the dome, for example, a 20’ wide structure would be approximately 10’ high. This will vary slightly but is a fair guide.  Planning permission is not normally needed for air domes but it is advised that you check with your individual local authority. We do however offer a special low profile structure if required.   If you are concerned that planning may be required always check with the local Planning Office prior to purchase.

Inflation Fans

The structure is inflated using a fan mounted in a weatherproof housing case. The air funnel of the fan housing is placed beneath the water tube or cable fixing, alleviating the need to cut holes in the fabric of the structure.


  • Made from tough reinforced UV protected vinyl
  • Water tube or cable anchor fixing
  • Scuff-proof materials at ground level
  • Zip flap door for easy access
  • Door position to suit your requirement
  • Low-level models available
  • Weatherproof fan housing
  • Replacement zip mechanism
  • 3-year structure guarantee
  • Available in special shapes and sizes

Inflatable Air Dome 1

Inflatable Air Dome 2

Inflatable Air Dome 3

Inflatable Air Dome 4

Inflatable Air Dome 6

Inflatable Air Dome 7

Inflatable Air Dome 8

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