Genuine cedar wood gazebos and shelters for hot tubs and exercise pools

For those hot tub, swim spa or exercise pool owners seeking a more traditional timber structure to cover their pool with, cedar wood is the number one choice of discerning informed buyers, whether a simple shelter or a completely enclosed building is desired.

Cedar wood offers a number of key benefits over cheaper, lower quality timbers that make it perfect for outdoor water related leisure buildings.

  • It has an attractive colouring, finish and grain structure.
  • It is highly resistant to moisture, warping, bending, splitting and cracking.
  • It has natural inherent anti-fungal properties making it naturally resistant to rotting and mildew.
  • It has low density making it light, yet extremely strong and durable.
  • It is a very effective thermal insulator.

All Summit Leisure cedar wood gazebos and buildings are hand-crafted to order in the UK using the finest Canadian cedar, and our quality is such that the timber is guaranteed for 15 years against rot and decay.

We have many different shapes available, with sizes ranging from 2.5m2 up to 7m x 4m, and building styles from a canopy just to keep the rain off, to semi-enclosed gazebos, to fully enclosed, with many choices of side panels. Roofs have the option to have atriums – clear polycarbonate viewing sections – allowing bathers to stargaze at night, whilst affording protection from the elements.

If you feel that a cedar wood structure may be the right solution for your needs, you’re bound to have a number of other questions that need answers in order to help you make your decision. Please call our office on 01264 850001 and arrange a FREE consultation with one of our cedar wood building specialists, where we can discuss your options, put together a specification and quote you a price.

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