The Chalet Spa

The Chalet Spa, a commercial hot tub specifically designed to help you get ready for guests as quickly as possible.

Running a hot tub for a holiday let can be a time-consuming process if you’re going to meet with various rules and regulations that you need to comply with and be sure your facility is safe and inviting for your guests to use. Summit Leisure will be pleased to discuss and advise you on how to adopt a safe water treatment regime.

Fills and empties automatically in super quick time.

Emptying and refilling can be a time-consuming process between lettings. To speed this up we have installed a much larger than standard drain off facility. The drain is in the lowest possible point of the spa so all the water is drained to waste. The extra-large drain pipe ensures this happens as quickly as possible. Built in sensors identify when the spa is empty. As soon as it is, another sensor opens an inlet valve which has the water supply connected to it. The spa then refills through the circulation pipework ensuring there is no air in the system. As soon as the water reaches the correct level another sensor shuts off the water feed and automatically starts the filtration and heating system. Because the spa has been filled through the pipework system there will be no air trapped to prevent pumps priming etc. This whole operation is carried out automatically – no costly man hours waiting for the spa to empty and fill. When you return the spa will be ready for the necessary chemicals to be applied.

Tamper free controls

All the settings are in a control box inside the lockable cabinet. Your guests can’t alter the filtration or heating settings. One button on the side of the spa operates the jet pump and another the lighting. Even the skimmer which houses the filter cartridge is tamper proof. Like most spas the jet pump shuts off after 20 minutes in use.


The spa is equipped with 2 heaters. This means the heat up time can be very quick. For the two heaters to operate a 25amp power supply will be required. This may not be possible so we can disable one of the heaters meaning a 16amp supply will be adequate.

Dimensions2.12m x 2.12m x .920m
Seats5 seats & 1 lounger
Empty weight326kg
Water Volume1250 litres
Air Jets
None- air is introduced via the hydro jets
Hydrotherapy Jets21- ensures each seat has a strong and enjoyable massage effect.
Fittings on the lip of the spaThe lip is free of fittings – nothing for guests to tamper with
On/Off buttons for the jet pump and lightsGecko IN.K 120 – the only thing the guest can control. Turn on the jet pump and
turn on the light.
Control SystemGecko IN.YE-3(IN.K450+in.k120) – known to be the best and most reliable
controls in the industry.
Jet Pump1 x 2 speed 3hp – ensures great water circulation and a massage.
2 x 3kw- 2 heaters ensures quick heat up time from a cold fill.
Underwater light led colour changeStandard- a great feature for night time use.
Ozone & mixing unit
Standard- helps to minimise the amount of chlorine required and contributes
towards a safe and healthy spa.
Filtration System
Paper/ 1x 4.05 m.sq- large filter area to help ensure clean and healthy water.
Adjustable tablet feeder
Standard- ensures there is always chlorine being fed into the water.
Foam on shell
25mm- great insulation to minimise heat loss.
Extra insulation
Standard- aluminium foil curtains inside the cabinet help minimise heat loss.
Rigid Thermal cover
Standard- a strong and robust rigid cover that locks in the heat.
Stainless steel- virtually indestructible and tamper proof.
ABS- a strong and impermeable base that keeps that ensures nothing can
under the spa and keeps all the equipment safe and dry.
Automatic Fill and Drain System
Standard- an incredibly useful system that minimises the time needed to get
the spa ready between lets.
Wood Replacement – strong, durable, maintenance free and attractive and
Service Power socket ready
Standard- a useful add-on that provides a power supply for tools and
equipment you may want to use around the spa area during maintenance.
Lockable service door
Standard- ensures only the spa operator can access the spa control system.
100% emptying
Yes within 16 minutes – ensure no dirty water is left in the system and it’s quick.