Low Profile Telescopic Pool Enclosures

Our exclusive range of low profile telescopic enclosures provides solutions for situations where the sight of a large structure when enclosing the pool would not be desired, for example, if it was felt to be too obtrusive or imposing. However, our innovative access doors allow use of the pool and unhindered swimming even when the building is in the closed position.

If you prefer to have a rather discreet structure, which is not possible with a full height swimming pool enclosure, our retractable low swimming pool enclosure is what you may prefer. The price will also be lower.

Our retractable low swimming pool enclosures offer most of the advantages of the full height swimming pool enclosures, such as safety, extended use, lower maintenance and heat retention…

The factory who manufacturer the enclosures for us have developed various shapes of low swimming pool enclosures to suit all tastes:


The Iris Low profile Enclosure Pool Enclosure 5-Angle


A specific shape for the low enclosures, with a very tilted first panel, which gives a perfect view of the pool.

Largo Low Profile Enclosure Pool Enclosure


The Largo is the final model we offer.  This NEW low level model will give your pool and surround a more modern feel.  As with all our low level enclosures you can swim under cover and will be able enter to enter the pool by us positioning a door in any element, making access very easy.

3 and 5 angle Low Profile Enclosure Pool Enclosure

3 & 5 Angle Roof Shape

Our 3 angle and 5 angle low profile pool enclosures, are just like the full height swimming pool enclosures.