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Research and development has been an integral part of our business strategy to deliver ever more resourceful solutions to our customers

Toughened safety glass for peace of mind

Combining technical excellence, supreme quality, and reliability, we exclusively fit toughened safety glass in our enclosures.

  • Keeps its shape.
  • Doesn’t weather.
  • Minimal risk of scratching.
  • Reduced condensation.
  • Easy to clean.

This material is compliant with construction in slippery areas regulations (swimming pools, bathrooms, etc.) and is increasingly used in public buildings.

Toughened Safety Glass

Our AquaTelescopic aluminium profiles

The profiles used for our enclosures are designed inhouse by us. We guarantee durability that is above the standards required* for enclosures. Each profile fitted to Aquatelescopic enclosures has undergone a feasibility study carried out by an engineering consultancy firm, taking into account various specifications such as dimensions, thickness, surface finish, mechanical characteristics, and strain limit.
Our aluminium profiles are powder coated, customised to any colour of your choice on the RAL colour chart. This powder coating process is certified with the Qualicoat and Qualimarine quality labels and is guaranteed to withstand the effects of marine and other corrosive environments.


Our Aluminium Profiles

Material Warranties


Our products are renowned for their reliability and longevity. Thousands of customers have already trusted us. In addition to meeting the current safety standards of our profession, we are always pushing our research further to achieve excellence.


Aluminium structures

We guarantee the aluminium structure of our pool and spa enclosures for 10 years

Guarantee Our Structures For 10 Years

Parts And Equipment

We guarantee the equipment of our pool and spa shelters for 3 years

Guarantee Our Parts For 3 Years

Auto Guiding

The guiding of our structures is carried out thanks to a system of slides and sealed stainless steel ball bearings integrated in the lower parts of each module (skirting boards equipped with wheels). Auto guiding allows the module to maintain a straight path without necessarily being guided by a rail on the ground.

Auto Guiding


This ingenious and exclusive principle allows to separate the modules of the shelter from each other, in a simple way and without tools. This allows in particular to achieve a central opening of the structure.

Ingenious keying

UV Stabilised Polycarbonate

We guarantee the UV stabilised polycarbonate of our pool and spa shelters for 10 years

UV Stabilised Poly-carbonate