Panel and Liner Pools

Heatform Swimming Pool Panels

The insulated panel pool that doesn’t cost the Earth

There are over 9,000 recycled plastic bottles in an average Heatform pool, that’s 9,000 less polluting the planet

Liner pools have been around for over 50 years and the main build technology has not really changed over those years. You build a concrete or PVC panel ‘pool-basin’ put a liner into it and then fill it with water.

Heatform has transformed this process not only making it quicker, easier and simpler to build that ‘pool-basin’ but with the added value of insulation. The main idea around Heatform is to keep those expensive heating bills to a minimum and reduce the amount of energy that is wasted.

The Kafko Polymer Pool Panels

Why pay over £35000 for a concrete pool when you can build a Kafko pool for under half the cost

After years of research and development, Kafko has introduced a new generation of unique polymer in ground pools.

Our award winning polymer panels are strong and durable. Made of stable, non-biodegradable polymer greatly increases the longevity of the pool.

In addition, the cellular structure acts as a thermal screen holding heat in the pool and blocking the penetrating cold from surrounding soils.