Pool Enclosures

Enjoy your swimming pool all year round with one of our swimming pool enclosures.

Owning your very own outdoor swimming pool or exercise pool can be one of the most rewarding investments that you will make to your home and your sense of fitness, health, and well being.

Imagine an early morning dip to get you invigorated and ready to face the day with a renewed sense of energy and vigour. Or at the end of the day, an evening relaxing swim can be the perfect solution to help you to switch off, wind down and enjoy a great nights sleep. Plus your beautiful outdoor pool can provide the centre piece for your next garden party or social soiree.

All of this is fabulous on a warm summery day when the weather is dry and calm but imagine a cold blustery day in autumn or winter when the thought of facing the great British elements is spoiling your opportunity to enjoy your swimming pool investment to the max.

What if there was a way where you could have the best of both worlds?

What if you could have a completely open-air pool to enjoy on those hot summer days, and have the very same pool enclosed to protect you from the elements when the weather doesn’t play ball, or to enjoy during the autumn and winter?

There is an answer, and that answer is an Aqua Telescopic swimming pool enclosure from Summit Leisure.  A glass pool house to give you protection from the weather when its less kind.  Whether you’ve yet to have your pool built or you’ve owned one for decades, an Aqua Telescopic swimming pool enclosure can easily be added.

Click the images below to learn more about different types of our telescopic pool enclosures.


Full Height Enclosures

A high-level enclosure creates a living space that combines relaxation and comfort. Its spaciousness gives it a luxury indoor pool feel, and creates an extra room in your house. Your very own pool house!

The telescopic high-level enclosure offers great versatility, allowing the roof to be partially or fully open depending on the season. A closed roof or a fixed enclosure makes it possible to use you pool all year round. 

Medium Height Enclosures

Available between 130cm and 180cm in height, the medium height enclosure offers ample space to swim under the building.

Its sleek design emphasises its transparency, giving you a clear view of your pool. A medium level enclosure is an ideal compromise between the space required for a high enclosure and the unobtrusiveness of a low-level enclosure. Our medium level enclosures are available in fixed or telescopic versions, the latter providing great versatility

Low Enclosures

By combining design and efficiency, low and ultra-low telescopic enclosures are suitable for any environment.

They are perfect for those wanting to keep the view of their surroundings unobstructed, whilst keeping the pool protected. With its patented telescopic system, the enclosure is very easy to handle and can be fully or partially retracted.

Lean-To Enclosures

A wall-mounted pool enclosure is a natural extension to your house and perfect for direct access to the pool.  Creating the ideal pool house for entertaining.

The extra space creates a warm and pleasant living area around the pool, where you can benefit from the advantages of an enclosure. The telescopic roof gives the possibility of an indoor or an outdoor pool. You can therefore use your pool several months longer or all year round if the water is heated.

Static Enclosures

Our fixed enclosures can come with the option to have a telescopic retractable roof and can be considered as a mix between a conservatory and a pool enclosure.

These can either be free standing or adjoined to a house, and make an ideal naturally lit relaxation area around your pool or hot tub. Adding the addition of a pool house to your home to create additional space to entertain.

Commercial Enclosures

Our extensive experience and expert knowledge allow us to successfully plan and execute large-scale commercial projects. Holiday parks, hotels and public institutions are just some of the places where our enclosures can be found, covering pools up to 25m wide.

Using tempered safety glass is a huge advantage as it fully complies with current regulations on public pools as well as fire-related regulations.

Bespoke Enclosures

All our enclosures are in a way bespoke, in that each one is made to order to a client’s exact needs and specifications. 

However, what we mean by ‘bespoke’ in this context is a building that we consider from a manufacturing point of view to be non-standard.  In fact, a pool house that has been specifically designed to suit you, your home, pool and garden.