Rubber Chip Swimming Pool Flooring

A flexible, strong and practical alternative to slabs.  This surround looks beautiful and offers a superb comfort and safe surround for indoors or outside.  This surround is an ideal solution for the perfect choice for swimming pool surrounds, absorbing water and is available in a range of stunning colours.  The rubber chips are laid 6mm thick onto a clean, dry, substrate which can be screed, concrete (if trowelled) and timber.  The substrate should include provision for any drainage required since water passes through the rubber chips and will flow into the drainage provided at the substrate level or slight fall away.


We use a virgin EDPM rubber developed specially to provide a comfortable slip-resistant surface, even under water.  This makes this non-slip surround ideal for surfaces around wet areas like pools and spas.


The chips are trowelled into place, providing a continuous surface around pillars, skimmer lids or any curved area without the need for cutting and grouting tiles or paving.


The rubber chips will allow water to disappear and run undetected over the subsurface to a prepared outlet without the need for unsightly drainage channels.

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An all weather permanent surface which will accommodate continuous wear and will not be effected by frost.  It’s flexible qualities make it perfect to cover existing cracked or uneven surfaces.  The mixture of rubber granules and a two part epoxy resin allows foot traffic after 48 hours once laid.  Full cure will take 7 days at a temperature of 20/25 degrees C and 10/14 days when colder than this.


Not only is the rubber chip flooring soft and comfortable underfoot, but it stays cool to walk on in hot weather around the pool or patio.  When the temperatures change and the weather is cold the flooring feels warmer than traditional paving slabs.


The rubber flooring can be used in changing rooms, patio areas, corridors and leisure areas where it is often so much more attractive to match one surface to all these different applications.  Not only does the rubber flooring suit many uses at home but shops, showrooms, hotels and a variety of other applications, in fact anywhere where a good looking safety surface is required.


The rubber flooring is easy to maintain.  Yet should an area become damaged it can be cut-out and simply replaced with new material.

 Rubber Chip Flooring Colours and Combinations 


In a choice of 12 base colours that are blended to suit your own attractive design.  Any mix or combination can be achieved.


The chips will adhere to concrete, wood, tarmac, chipboard, fibreglass and most other clean dry sound substrates.


Swimming pool surround (indoor or outside) – patio and leisure areas – showrooms – balconies – and any non-slip, decorative, free draining application.


Cleaning the flooring will depend on usage, but regular washing with warm soapy water will help to break sown body fat or sun tan oils that may be deposited by bathers as well as removing normal dirt carried onto the floor by foot traffic etc.  Pressure washing and suction vacuuming are to be recommended for thoroughly cleaning the floor and proprietory acid or alkali based cleaned are perfectly safe to use.  Algae removers and anti-bacteria washes are perfectly safe to use remembering always to suction vacuum any contaminated water residue left on the floor.


Evaporation of water, particularly around roller covers, steps etc. can create deposits of lime scale and salts and it is therefore important that the pool water is kept correctly balanced to prevent this.

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