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Local Shop

Our shop is well stocked with leading brands of pool and spa chemicals and we’re here to help you with the latest innovative and cost saving products.

There are so many new and exciting products being introduced into the market. Not all, particularly some of the equipment marketed on the shopping cart sites on the internet are tried and tested. That’s why we have opted to work with only established, tried and tested brands with the resources to that enable every product to be thoroughly tested and researched before it’s launched and then back up the product with extensive warranties and guaranteed availability of spare parts. We are proud to be authorised dealers for Hayward, Zodiac and FiClor.


Solar Covers

The latest design in solar heat gain technology

Geo Bubble Technology!  The unique bubble shape has been proven to withstand both chemical and UV attack. A smooth shape and uniform thickness results in an increased expected lifespan of 25% in comparison to conventional bubble covers. There a number of options with these covers to suit different pool applications. We will be pleased to provide you with the best solution for your pool.

WORTH KNOWING:  94% of the temperature of your pool water is lost from the surface of the pool. To keep water at an ideal temperature, it is therefore essential to install a suitable cover system.

Pool Liners

We offer free no obligation site visits and quotations for replacement liners.

It’s probably a while since you looked at the multitude of patterns and pattern combinations that are available now. Pop into our shop and view the choices or ask for a sample book to be posted! Vinyl pool liners come with warranties of 10 years, this will cover the welds that make up the shape of the liner. In most cases, you can expect in-ground pool liners to last between 6-12 years. Should the wall fittings i.e. skimmers/inlets/ underwater lights or coping stones need replacing we can quote and install these for an additional cost at the same time.

As well as offering the traditional bag style liner that is pre made we can also offer what’s known as “on site lining”. This originated as a system used to refurbish old and tired large concrete pools, mainly commercial. It’s now offered as a viable alternative for smaller domestic pools. It’s a very durable surface that’s available in a combination of patterns that are fabricated on site. Any shape or size of pool can be catered for.

liner installation

Heat Pumps

Are you looking for performance and economy?

Zodiac® heat pumps are ideal for all sizes of in-ground pools, they are an ecological, easy-to-install solution offering the most competitive running cost, by capturing warmth from the outside air and transferring it into the water of your pool you will enjoy water at an ideal temperature for a modest energy consumption.

Ask for a free quotation and site visit. We will produce a detailed specification that will not only provide the capital cost but also your yearly running costs. There is a model in the Zodiac range that will suit your requirements. Whether you are looking to heat your pool for just the summer season or you want an extended season we can help.


The COP or coefficient of performance is the ratio between the power supplied to the water in the pool and the electricity consumption of the heat pump. As an example, a COP of 5 means that for 1 kWh consumed at the electricity meter, the heat supplies 5 times more energy to the water in the pool, or kWh. So the higher the COP, the more efficient and economical the system. 

Important: the coefficient of performance directly depends on temperature (of air and water) and humidity.

  • Models that will be efficient from 7º ambient air temp down to -12º

  • COP* can be as much as 7.6 on Z500 range

  • Virtually silent

Automatic Pool Cleaners

The electric robotic cleaners combine the very best of Zodiac technology…. Thanks to the embedded cyclone suction, a patented new technology, the cleaning performance is maintained throughout the cleaning cycle.  The cleaner will capture the finest debris without filter clogging. Separate from the filtration system the plug and play device will trap debris in their own filter basket, making them stand-alone.

With our vast range of ZODIAC cleaners there will always be a suitable model for the majority of domestic or commercial pool shapes.  Whether it’s a constant depth, hopper or wedge floor there will be a model to suit. Our inhouse team can advise the best possible cleaner to maintain your pool.

If you want a demonstration of a cleaner you are welcome to visit us or we can call by and show you how well it will work on your pool at no extra cost. For local sales we also offer a supply and install on our range of automatic cleaners with a demonstration showing you all the wonderful features the cleaner offers.

Hayward pool cleaner

Salt Systems

When you convert your pool to a salt water system you’ll immediately feel the difference in the water condition. It will feel “softer” and there will be no smell or taste of chlorine. Your pool will be more automated so you won’t have to worry about daily sanitiser dosing and you’ll have no more chlorine to buy. We have a selection of models to suit any size of pool and offer different degrees of automation.

As part of the package we’ll carry out a free site survey to establish suitability and quote an installed price. For budget price or more information contact our office.

  • You’ll love the unimaginable comfort of silky soft water that won’t turn eyes red, hair green, or dry out skin

  • No more lugging heavy buckets and jugs of harsh chemical chlorine. No more constant testing and adjusting of your chemicals.

  • With Salt Chlorination, you will cut your chlorine costs by 50% or more. As a continuous supply of fresh, natural chlorine is constantly circulated throughout your pool, you can expect to drastically cut your chlorine costs over time.

Sand Change

Every 5 – 7 years it is recommended that you replace the sand in your sand filter. The sand actually wears out. The sharp edges of the sand particles become rounded and don’t capture the contaminates that would normally be filtered through the sand. The sand will also start to clump together or the water will create channels thru the sand. You may notice that your pool water is not as clean or the interval between required backwash’s is shorter and some sand may even start coming back into the pool.

We offer a local service where we remove all the old sand and replace with the required amount.  This charge is generally between £80-£100 depending on the size of your filter.

  • If your sand clumps up like in this picture it will not be effectively filtering your pool water