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TigerShark Pool Cleaner


Renowned for many years for its solidity and efficiency, Tiger Shark cleans the bottom, walls and waterline. With its ASCL microprocessor (Adaptive Seek Control Logic), it calculates the shape and size of your pool to clean every spot efficiently.

  • Fully automatic, with no need for an exterior bag or pipe. As soon as the programme is finished, it automatically shuts down.
  • The must-have product from this range. Complete cleaning solution: suction-cleans the pool floor, walls and waterline in 4 hours.
  • Optimised cleaning, thanks to the control logic ASCL microprocessor.
  • For residential pools up to 6 m x 12 m
Tigershark Pool Cleaner

 SOLD – SOLD – SOLD – Static 7 Section Arcadia – SOLD – SOLD – SOLD  

We have on offer a second-hand static enclosure in Brown with the Arcadia 5 angle roof profile.  This 7 section static enclosure was installed by us in 2009. It is in good second-hand condition.  We are looking at an installation in the Northants area.  If you are outside this area please email your postal address and we will confirm if there will be any additional costs.

Full Specification:-

External length 15.36m 

External width 8m


Upright sections manufactured in 11cm box section brown thermo-painted aluminium.  All glazing bars are also manufactured in thermo-painted aluminium with grey rubber strips, which retain translucent 10mm thick triple wall polycarbonate roofing sheets.  The roof sheets are 100% UV protected. Side walls and fixed end facades are glazed in toughened safety glass.  Brush strips and a rubber seal are built into the side edge and bottom of each element to act as weatherproofing.

Doors and Facades

There is 1 wide sliding door positioned in the side of the enclosure and one sliding door in the front of the enclosure.


This can be made within a 50-mile radius of where the enclosure is currently located.  It will be dismantled, wrapped and transported to its new location and re-built.  The cost includes replacement rubbers where they are needed i.e. on all glass panels, a 1-year warranty, delivery, and installation.


The cost of this enclosure is £20,000 inclusive. The current RRP would be in the region of £45,000.  This is, therefore, a very good offer and is a one-off and will be offered on a first come first serve basis.

Delivery Time

We anticipate delivery would be within 4 weeks of order.  This may vary depending on the time of year.

special offers

SOLD…Algarve Evolution Trackless Retractable Pool Enclosure  ..SOLD…

Full Specification

Algarve Evolution 3 Angle High Pool Enclosure

Fabricated with 3 elements

Measuring a total 6.44 meters long externally

4.48 meters wide at the narrowest internal point & 4.70 meters at the widest internal point

It has a special height to accommodate an above ground Swimspa and its lift off covers.

Height is 2.785 at the lowest internal apex to 2.895 to the highest internal apex (9’1’’ – 9’5’’).

Both ends facades are fixed – 1 sliding door fitted to the large end facade.

The centre section opens (approx. 2.1m area) providing an open air swim when the weather permits. This leaves two ends fixed.


£7500  – REDUCED!!!

This price is including installation providing the cover is being fitted in the southwest of the uk. If outside of the southwest charges will apply.

Feel free to send us your location for a quotation.