Dual Chamber Swim Spas

Dual chamber swim spas are a combined swim chamber and separate hot tub holding two entirely separate bodies of water, all built within one complete self-contained unit. The unit is is delivered to site and installed in one piece. The key advantage of a dual chamber swim spa is that it allows you to run the two bodies of water at completely different temperatures, so those sitting in the hot tub part can relax in water in the high thirties – a temperature ideal for hot tub bathing, but considered by many to be too hot for swimming in.

Conversely, the swim chamber can be set to the mid to high twenties centigrade, which is great for swimming in, but probably feels a tad on the chilly side for hot tub bathing, especially on colder days. So, a dual chamber swim spa genuinely allows you to have the best of both worlds. The only potential drawback is that, because a dual chamber swim spa requires two separate control systems, two separate heating and filtration systems, and two separate banks of pumps and plumbing, they tend to be more expensive to buy than their single chamber counterparts.

Pacific 60 Elite Swim Spa

The Summit Pacific 60 Elite swim spa is a dual chamber high-performance exercise pool and hot tub.

Seats: 4 seats, 1 lounger  |  Dimensions: 5.9m x 2.25m x 1.54m  |  Capacity: 8,000 litres

Poseidon Duo Elite Swim Spa

The Summit Poseidon Duo Elite swim spa is the dual-chambered sister of the Poseidon Mono Elite, with a separate hot tub chamber comfortably accommodating 5 adults.

Seats: 3 seats, 2 loungers  |  Dimensions: 8.0m x 2.25m x 1.54m  |  Capacity: 9,500 litres

Zeus Limited Edition Swim Spa

The ultimate swim spa experience, and unique to Summit Leisure, is our limited edition, Zeus. Styled with a distinctive nautical theme, the Zeus is a dual-chambered swim spa offering unrivaled luxury, hydrotherapeutic benefit and swim performance.

Seats: 2 seats, 2 loungers  |  Dimensions: 9.0m × 2.25m × 2.02m  |  Capacity: 10,500 litres