Poseidon XL Swim Spa

The Summit Poseidon XL swim spa is a dual chamber high-performance exercise pool and hot tub. The key benefit of a dual chamber swim spa is that the swimming chamber and hot tub chamber are two separate bodies of water controlled by two independent and separate Gecko control systems. This means that you can set the temperature in the hot tub in the toasty warm high thirties Centigrade, while running the swimming chamber at a lot cooler and more comfortable temperature for those working up a sweat with a vigorous swim session. The Poseidon XL is perfect for those who are looking for a serious swim-trainer, and who also like to entertain family and friends.

The swim chamber of the Poseidon XL swim spa features inbuilt anti-slip entry stairs for safe and easy access. Six adjustable high flow swim-jets are supplied by three 3HP high output pumps, which allows a swimmer to customise the power of the flow to suit their strength and ability. A tile centre-line runs the length of the floor to aid with executing correct swimming strokes, a stainless steel grab-rail is fitted, and our exclusive Sport Pack exercise equipment kit is also included as standard with the Poseidon XL.

The hot tub chamber features four seats and a lounger to comfortably accommodate five adults in ergonomically fitting luxury. Two 3HP high output pumps drive 56 adjustable hydrotherapy jets in a range of jet arrays to give the perfect massage, whilst 100 square feet of filtration supplied by a separate low-amperage circulation pump ensures crystal clear water. Our exclusive Thermolocked cabinet, Luxe thermal cover, Arctic Insulation and solid ABS Tough Base ensure minimal heat losses and running costs! Finally, a WinterSkin cover is provided for when the swim spa is not in use or you are away for any period of time, to help keep the whole swim spa clean.

The Poseidon XL is available in a Marble White shell finish as standard, while Sierra, Pearl Shadow and Ocean Wave are special order options.

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Dimensions5.9m x 2.25m x 1.52m
Seats4 seats, 1 lounger
Water Volume8,000 litres
Directional Swim Jets
4 Turbo Jets
Air Jets
Hydrotherapy Jets
Control Systems
Inverter System
Jet Pumps4 x 3HP Single Speed Pump
Heated Air Blower
Circulation Pumps
Spa part: 1 x Aquaflow 1/8HP.  Swim part: 1 x 1.0HP
Spa part: 1 X 3kW.  Swim part: 1 X 3kW
LED Large Spotlight
Perimeter LED Light System
Ozonator and Mixing Unit
Filtration Systems
Spa part: 100 sq/ft.  Swim part: 100 sq/ft
Head Cushions
Foam on Shell 25mm – 30mm
Thermolock System
Solid ABS
Thermal Cover
Luxe /Roll up Cover
Stainless Steel
Sport Pack
Stainless Steel Handrail
INTouch WiFi Module

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