Single Chamber Swim Spas

A single chamber swim spa is, as the name implies, a training pool which has one large body of water which services both the swim jets and hot tub seats, though, in single chamber swim spas, the number of seats tends to be more limited. Because it is one large mass of water, unlike a dual chamber swim spa, it only requires one control system, one set of filtration and heating equipment, and one set of plumbing.

This gives a single chamber swim spa the advantage of, generally, being a lower buying cost than their dual chamber equivalents, which require two of everything. The down-side is that the temperature of the water needs to be maintained at a compromise between comfortable enough for vigorous swimming, and for relaxing in hot tub seats, though it can be controlled up and down via the Gecko digital control system.

OD35 Hot Tub & Swimspa

Our OD35 is a superb value combined swim spa and party hot tub. It’s also our most compact swim spa.

Seats: 8 seats, 2 loungers  |  Dimensions: 3.54m x 2.3m x 1.0m  |  Capacity: 3,150 litres


Arctic 44 Elite Swim Spa

The award winning Arctic 44 Elite swim spa features the same equipment specification as the Atlantic 55 Elite, but in a smaller, 4.4m length for those with more limited space.

Seats: 1 seat 1 lounger  |  Dimensions: 4.4m x2.25m x 1.54m  |  Capacity: 7,200 litres


Atlantic 55 Elite Swim Spa

The Atlantic 55 Elite swim spa features the same specification and layout as the Arctic 44 Elite. However, at 5.5m long it allows an additional 1.1m length of swim chamber.

Seats: 1 seat 1 lounger  |  Dimensions: 5.5m x 2.25m x 1.54m  |  Capacity: 10,000 litres


Poseidon Mono Elite Swim Spa

At 8m in length, the Summit Poseidon Mon Elite swim spa is a wonderful small party pool and swim trainer.

Seats: 2 loungers  |  Dimensions: 8.0m x 2.25m x 1.54m  |  Capacity: 10,000 litres


Exercise Pool 46 & 60

The exercise pool has been developed for those that just want swimming exercise and a small pool facility.

Seats: N/A  |  Dimensions: 4.60m x 2.35m x 1.52m |  Capacity: 7500 Litres

Seats: N/A  |  Dimensions: 5.85m x 2.35m x 1.52m  |  Capacity: 11,000 Litres