The Sports Pack

The complete home aquatic gym

A Summit Leisure swim spa is the complete home aquatic gym. As well as the powerful counter-current swim jets to swim against, every swim spa (except the OD35) includes our exclusive Sports Pack.

Sports Pack is a set of special equipment designed to complement the swim jets, and allow you to do a range of resistance exercises on various parts of the body and muscle groups, all while your joints are safely supported by the buoyancy of the water.

Sports Pack features three items which target different exercise types. A tether which looks like you’re caught on a human fishing line! This gives extra resistance when swimming in conjunction with the swim jets, working your muscles even harder.

A resistance rowing kit targets the body’s core while allowing you to exercise in the warm waters, and the bicep curl elasticated straps target the biceps, and other exercises for the arms.

An underwater exercise bike is also available as an extra cost option which sits on the floor of the swim spa and takes advantage of the natural resistance which water provides to cycle against.

To learn more about Sports Pack and its benefits, call us now on 01264 850001, and don’t forget to click here to download your invaluable FREE! guide to the 6 things you need to know before you invest in a swim spa.

Summit Leisure Swim Spa Sport Pack - woman swimming on tether
Man using rowing equipment in the Summit Leisure swim spa Sport Pack
Summit Leisure Swim Spa Sport Pack - woman using elastic bicep curls