Swim Spa Design & Technology

The 6 Key Benefits of Cutting Edge Swim Spa Design & Technology

Here at Summit Leisure, we pride ourselves on the quality of our AllSeas swim spas and the cutting edge design and technology employed in every product to ensure that all our new swim spa owners are delighted with their ownership experience. This short video highlights six key areas of function where this innovation and technology delivers you real tangible advantages and benefits.


Function 1: Endless swimming

Many of our customers are limited on space in their gardens, or, if they have the space, don’t wish to give over an area large enough to put in a traditional swimming pool which gives enough length to swim a decent number of strokes before needing to turn. With an AllSeas swim spa from Summit Leisure, you can swim endlessly for as long as you like without ever leaving the same spot or having to make a turn. It’s like the swimming equivalent of a running machine or treadmill.

This lack of need to make a turn is one of the reasons that swim spas are so popular with triathletes and competition swimmers who utilise them in their training. The strength and flow of the swim jets is completely adjustable to cater for the needs of all members of the family from the weakest novice swimmers up to the strongest and fittest.

Function 2: A complete workout in water

As well as endless swimming, an AllSeas swim spa from Summit Leisure also allows you to carry out a range of other resistance exercises for a complete aquatic work out, especially when combined with our exclusive Sport Pack exercise equipment, included as standard with all models except the OD35.

With the buoyancy effect of the water, the effect of impact on the joints that is felt when exercising on dry land is greatly reduced, allowing you to burn calories while minimising potentially damaging effects on the joints. Speaking of burning calories, when doing exercises such as rowing, bicep curls and jogging against the force of the jets, you can dispose of the same number of calories in twenty minutes as you do in an hour on dry land due to having to work against the resistance of the water.

Function 3: Aerobic massage

All the AllSeas swim spa models from Summit Leisure have at least two hydrotherapy spa seats or loungers integrated into the shell. These seats and loungers are fitted with arrays of fully adjustable hydrotherapy jets targeted at different trigger points at a bather’s neck, shoulders, back, arms, thighs and calves (depending on the model).

The jet arrays massage these key body areas bringing about a sense of deep relaxation and relief, melting away any tightness; particularly welcome if you have had a strenuous swimming session against the swim jets, or workout with our exclusive Sport Pack exercise equipment. The power and sensation of the flow of each jet can be adjusted by allowing more or less air to be mixed into the water streams.

Function 4: Nano aromatherapy

As well as the massage benefits and relaxation effects of the hydrotherapy jet arrays, some aromatherapy fragrances and essential oils are also renowned for their calming effects on mind and body. Fragrances that can be added to your swim spa and delivered via a dispenser into the air blower system (where fitted) are available from us here at Summit Leisure. For example aromas known to assist in bringing about restful sleep are chamomile, lavender, vanilla and jasmine; promoting senses of wellbeing and relaxation, and lowering anxiety and stress.

Function 5: Smart clear water

It’s hugely important that your swim spa’s water is sparkling clear, inviting, and hygienially clean to swim and bathe in. With our Smart Clear Water system it starts with our wide mouth skimmer(s) at water level which highly efficiently draw off the surface water where most debris and bacteria can be found. A coarse strainer tray catches and retains large debris like leaves and twigs. Water is then drawn through up to 200 square feet (depending on model) of high density cartridge filtration. The material in our filters can capture debris down as tiny as 15 microns.

From there, the filtered water then passes through our corona discharge ozonator and mixing chamber, where germs and other micro-organisms come into contact with ozone which then destroys them. When used alongside a residual sanitiser, this gives you the peace of mind of the clearest, cleanest, freshest, and safest water for you and your family.

Function 6: Thermo Lock System

After safety, energy efficiency is paramount. Engineers and developers at AllSeas Spas work tirelessly to design products which minimise running costs and carbon footprint. At the heart of this is our exclusive Thermo Lock system, which is designed to ensure that heat within the swim spa is locked in and as little of it as possible escapes.

Triple layers of complementary high efficiency insulation materials in the floor and walls of the swim spa retain and reflect heat back inwards. The sixth face of the swim spa – the surface – is enveloped by our thick, high density lockable hard cover; and heat that would otherwise be lost to the atmosphere from the water’s surface is ruthlessly held at bay, whilst unauthorised access from outside is also prevented at the same time to all but the key holders! Our titanium heating elements ensure maximum transference of electrical energy to heat into the water, and the avoidance of corrosion.


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