Why Buy A Summit Leisure Swim Spa

Quality in every detail…

Cutting edge design and superior performance
Our dedicated in-house research and development department are totally committed to innovative design and performance and strive to bring our demanding and discerning consumers the best water leisure products on the market.

Our swim spas combine the most advanced technology with world-class manufacturing techniques to ensure your enjoyment for years to come, and providing a wonderful lifestyle experience costing less to operate and requiring the minimum of maintenance.

Our swim-jet arrays are designed to give total control and optimal performance for all strengths and abilities of swimmers, while our hot tub seats are ergonomic, form fitting and feature therapy jet arrays designed to target, massage and soothe key trigger points and muscle groups in your back, neck, shoulders, legs and feet. Specific jet types bring you deep, intense and swirling massages, while others give the gentlest of soft-tissue massages, all adjustable to your exact needs by fingertip control.

The complete home aquatic gym
A Summit Leisure swim spa is the complete home aquatic gym. As well as allowing you to swim against the powerful counter-current, every swim spa (except the OD35) includes our Sport Pack, a package of equipment allowing you to do a range of resistance exercises on various parts of the body and muscle groups, all while your joints are safely supported by the buoyancy of the water.

Easy to maintain
Summit Leisure swim spas are designed to maximise the time you spend enjoying your home leisure experience, and minimise the time you spend maintaining it. Up to 200 square feet of cartridge filtration, coupled to dedicated circulation systems independent of the jet pumps, remove the tiniest of particulate debris assuring you of crystal clear water. At the same time, our integral corona discharge ozonator and mixing chamber when used in conjunction with a residual sanitiser continually ensure that water is safe, sparkling and hygienically clean.

Inexpensive to run
Where our swim spas are big on value and performance, they are satisfyingly miserly on running costs. Our insulation features ensure that as little heat escapes as possible. From our high-density Thermo-Wood cabinet cladding, 12mm thick high-density PE foam sheeting “Thermo Wrap“ insulation,  our solid ABS base filled with high density foam, 25-30mm high density closed-cell foam on the shell, “Thermo Wrap “ or “ Thermo Foil “ 3 layer insulation, and topped off with a high-density lockable hard cover. For those in extremely cold climates, our optional ‘Arctic Bag’ insulation can be specified. Separate low-amperage circulation pumps ensure that higher consumption jet pumps are only used for powering the jets, and filtration cycles draw the minimal of electrical current.

Tough Bond Shell
The shell is at the heart of every Summit swim spa and the starting point of every product we craft. We take a pristine sheet of blemish-free US made Lucite® or Aristech® acrylic and vacuum form the most ergonomic and comfortable shells in the industry. We then spray and hand roll six layers of marine-grade vinyl ester resin and fibreglass, and polyester resin and fibreglass to form an industry beating composite structure 8mm – 10mm thick which is rock solid, giving one of the strongest shells in the industry.

Tough Barrier Base
All our spas and swim spas are built on the solid foundation of our one-piece ‘Tough Barrier’ solid ABS base. Not only does this make the whole structure immensely strong and long-lasting, but it also prevents the ingress of water, vermin, and cold air into the cabinet, leading to reduced maintenance and call-outs, reduced heat losses, and lower running costs.

Tough Built Frame
Our ‘Tough Built’ frames are designed to give the structure of every swim spa superior strength and resilience. Manufactured from the highest quality galvanised steel, our ‘Tough Built’ frame features triple-reinforced corners, supports beneath every seat, and cross-bracing. Coupled with our sealed ABS ‘Tough Barrier’ base means the ‘Tough Built’ frame will not corrode, warp or rot.

Superior components, superior performance and reliability
We source the highest quality, best performing components and materials from the world’s most respected manufacturers to ensure we deliver the highest quality, top performing, most reliable, best value for money products in the industry, including acrylic sheet from Lucite and Aristech, control systems from Gecko, and pumps from Aquaflo, to name but a few.

Quality throughout every process.
Throughout the whole manufacturing process, from the forming of the shell to packaging and loading for shipment, every one of our products goes through process by process multi-point inspections and testing, including final full wet-testing, functionality and performance testing and blemish checking. A product does not leave the factory without passing every check at every stage.

Warranty & Support
Our products are backed by an industry leading warranty reflecting the superlative quality, reliability and performance in our products. For more details, ask to see a copy of our full warranty certificate.

5 year structural warranty.
3 year shell surface warranty
2 year equipment warranty

Safety & Standards.
It’s disappointing to say that many swim spas on the market have not been tested to prove their electrical safety, and many do not meet European Standards or have a proper compliance plate (with approval number).

All Summit Leisure swim spas have C-Tick and electrical safety approvals and meet all other standards. All suctions are tested to ASME standards and are 600mm apart, and every swim spa and hot tub is fitted with a safety vent linked to the filter system. Ensure that all products you may be looking at in your research have these protections in place.

Lifetime Customer Support Programme
When you buy a Summit Leisure swim spa you are covered by our exclusive Lifetime Support Plan. For as long as you own a Summit Leisure swim spa you will have ready access to on-going support and spare parts. With a direct line to the factory and total backing from production line to your garden, we’re on hand to answer any questions, solve any problems and supply parts so you can relax and enjoy your spa with total peace of mind well into the future.

Now you’re aware of the quality and value in every Summit Leisure swim spa, click here to download your invaluable FREE! guide to the 6 things you need to know before you invest in a swim spa.

Family in Summit Leisure swim spa Swim spa swimjets and handrail Man swimming against swim jets in Summit Leisure swim spa Summit Leisure swim spa with green LED lights on Couple with Summit Leisure swim spa in dark Man using rowing equipment in the Summit Leisure swim spa Sport Pack Woman relaxing in Summit Leisure swim spa sea