Why Choose An Enclosure From Summit Leisure

For over 15 years Summit Leisure has been designing, supplying and installing fully bespoke telescopic swimming pool enclosures for swimming pools, spas, patios and even re-purposed the structures for use over restaurants and venues for an optional open air experience.

As specialists in utilising toughened safety glass, we only use the highest quality materials and certified manufacturing processes. Your enclosure will be completely unique and by choosing Summit Leisure you are guaranteed expert knowledge. 


Equipping yourself with an AquaTelescopic swimming pool shelter means choosing to enjoy your pool longer, more often and in all weathers. Thanks to the greenhouse effect, the temperature of the water increases between 6 and 12 ° C (according to the regions and the ranges of shelters). In the presence of a high shelter, swimming can be possible all year round. The shelter is transformed into a real extra living room with remarkable comfort and livability.


Covering your pool with an AquaTelescopic shelter is the choice of a cleaner pool, protected from pollution and dirt outside. Thus, the time spent cleaning the pool and the budget invested in cleaning products are considerably reduced. Protected by its case, the pool water will no longer be sensitive to acid storms that disturb the pH balance. Finally, the installation of a shelter protects the water of the basin against the frost and thus facilitates the overwintering of the swimming pool.


Products compliant with AFNOR NF P90-309 standards and CE certified. We have pushed our research further, particularly in terms of resistance. Thus, we are able to guarantee resistance to wind, snow and fire well above those required by the mandatory standard. We can also guarantee the snow and wind standards of the building.


The specificity of Aquatelescopic is the use of tempered safety glass on the vertical walls of its shelters. This material, perfectly transparent, brings a very high brightness to the pool area. Thus, the shelter does not hide the view of the pool or the view of the environment when swimming. Particularly qualitative, the glass enjoys unparalleled durability and guarantees the users of the shelter a total transparency over time


Shape, dimensions, reach, materials, each Aquatelescopic shelter is unique. Depending on the environment, the surround and the location, the design office, made up of architects and engineers, create the shelter adapted to the different technical characteristics. Once the technical challenge is raised, we offer customers a total customisation of the shelter: color, type of opening of doors, windows, finishing of the roof


Regularly audited in the framework of our CE Certification, our manufacturing processes guarantee the reliability of the factory structure. The traceability of the materials used and the control performed at each assembly stage considerably limit the risk of “non-quality”. Whatever the destination, each shelter is carefully checked and packaged before loading. Shelters for individuals benefit from the same requirements as those imposed by the professional world