Trackless Installation

One of the biggest advantages of a Summit Leisure telescopic swimming pool enclosure is our trackless installation. But what does this mean, and how is this better for you?

Telescopic swimming pool enclosures are made up of multiple sections (also known as modules) which fit inside each other like a nest of tables when the enclosure is rolled right back off the pool to enjoy all the benefits of an open-air pool when the weather is bright and sunny. In order to achieve this, it is absolutely vital that each section runs dead straight and true as each section is slid back and forth.

The vast majority of products available on the market ensure this by fixing metal tracks or rails to the pool surround each side of the pool and running the entire length. Wheels within each section of the enclosure then run in or on these tracks and ensure that each section or module follows the exact same path each time it is moved and stops the building from running out of true and jamming.

Whilst this achieves the aim of ensuring each section runs straight and true, the downside is that it looks aesthetically incredibly unsightly, especially if you’ve invested in very attractive paving or decking – the last thing you want to do is bolt a series of metal tracks to it. Not only that, but tracks and rails present potential trip hazards. It wouldn’t be much fun stubbing one’s toe on them, or walking on them on a very hot day. Tracks and rails must also be kept absolutely clean of leaves, twigs, dirt and other debris to stop the rolling mechanisms fouling on them.

With a Summit Leisure Algarve Aqua telescopic pool enclosure, the superior integral strength of the enclosure and our unique patented guiding system allow the enclosure to run straight and true every time without having to use any unsightly ground-mounted guide rails. This feature also allows the enclosure to be opened up at any point.

Click on the above video which shows a customer opening his Summit Leisure telescopic swimming pool enclosure and note the lack of tracks or rails fixed to his attractive decking surround.

How we can achieve a trackless installation

Summit Leisure telescopic swimming pool enclosure heavy duty roller mechanism and patented internal track systemThe illustrations on the right show how we achieve this.  All the modules or sections are fitted with heavy-duty large diameter wheels manufactured in injected polyamide and run on a waterproof ball-bearing system which ensures excellent, effortless rolling and sliding functions.  All the guiding mechanisms and anchor wing screws are made with laser cut precision in marine-grade stainless steel.  As it transpires, our enclosures are guided by tracks, but our patented track system is hidden away inside the frame of the preceding section, NOT bolted to the pool surround. This allows total opening of the enclosure at any module, in particular in the centre of the enclosure. This is a great advantage because if you, for example, did not want to retract the entire enclosure back from end to end, but did want to allow lots of fresh air in, you could open the enclosure up in the middle and slide the opened sections apart a few feet.

The other reason that we can achieve this is the superior strength of our structures due to the quality of the materials and the engineering that goes into them. With cheaper, inferior enclosures, the modules could, if not mounted on the tracks or rails, splay out at the bottom causing lots of problems. This does not happen with a Summit Leisure Algarve Aqua telescopic building as ours remain rigid. This quality also means we can manufacture our buildings in single span widths of up to 21m (over 63 feet!). The photograph below demonstrates perfectly the unspoiled pool surround achieved by our trackless installation.

Summit Leisure Algarve AquaTelescopic high profile telescopic swimming pool enclosure shown fully retracted.

Summit telescopic swimming pool enclosure is shown fully retracted. Note the complete lack of tracks or rails on the unspoiled pool paving.




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