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Below are comments from some of our many satisfied customers.

If you remember we wanted a swim spa, mainly for the grandchildren but also for us at a price that would not give sleepless nights if not used. We were also keen that if not used it would not be too prominent and would allow the kids access without being dangerous so we put in in the ground half way which although took circa 100 tons of soil to remove hopefully you will agree it worked out well. We used none treated wood for the support and plastic decking which has been brill, no slipping etc. hence continued outside.

You will see the summer cover is now on, just required a little trimming as suggested. We bought some cheap bubble wrap and used this as a template to cut the blue cover supplied, again worked out well. The winter covers are stored ready for October/November.

Although I did quite a bit myself and we shopped around for suppliers etc. we brought the whole project in for just under £40k, from excavation, foundations, electrics, enclosure and swim spa, just over our budget but the excavations and decking were more than expected but worth it.

The average running costs so far is £62 month but this is falling as was nearly £100/month in the winter but went down to only £26 last month so expect it to average out around £50 over the whole year.

We have only just finished with the chemicals that you kindly supplied, have rotated the filters monthly as advised and currently use it, either with the kids or for our own exercise, at least 3 times a week.

In summary then we could not be more pleased with the spa and the advice and service you provided all those months ago, the costs, both purchase and running, are as you suggested and we have added value to the house as well as making us somewhere special for the kids to come and play.

If you would like a testimonial or further information or pictures please do not hesitate to let me know and likewise if there is someone in the midlands who would like more information than we would be happy to act as your local advocates.

Thank you again for all your help and advice and support during installation, don’t know if the guys told you but there were one or two hairy moments with a JCB!

Mr & Mrs B from Notts

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